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California Association of Food Banks Statement on Governor Brown’s January 10 Proposal for the 2018-19 State Budget

January 11, 2018

We thank Governor Brown for including $8 million for CalFood in his January 10 proposal for the 2018-19 state budget. While we appreciate the impact this support would have, we look forward to seeing our entire $17.5 million request in his May Revision. This number reflects the reality of what food banks need to combat hunger in the state. California faces a hunger crisis that affects one in eight statewide, including one in four kids. It is compounded by our state’s extraordinary cost of housing, the fallout from the most destructive wildfire season in state history, and the ending of the Drought Food Assistance Program. $17.5 million is merely the baseline of what is needed to maintain current support for emergency food, anything less is a cut during an intense time of need.

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