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We’re an anti-hunger, pro food bank 501(c)3 nonprofit.

We lead the collective effort to end hunger in California.

Every day, we work alongside of our 41 member food banks and on behalf of hungry Californians. We ensure food banks have the tools and resources they need, so they can focus on what they do best: feed our communities.

We also work to change the systems that create hunger in the first place.

Our Values

Our Mission

To end hunger in California.

Our Vision

A well-nourished and hunger-free California, where all people have enough food to lead a healthy life.

Our History

CAFB was founded in 1995 with a single staff member. Since, CAFB has grown into California’s leading anti-hunger organization.

Our Theory of Change

If we ensure that California’s fruits and vegetables are not wasted but rather are equitably distributed across our state, change the systems and policies that create hunger in the first place, and enable access to nutritious food for those who need it right now, then we can end hunger in California.

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