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Farm to Family

We secure excess produce from California’s fields and deliver it to food banks throughout the state.

Since 2005, our Farm to Family program delivers over 160 million pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables annually to food banks throughout the state — nourishing our communities and reducing food waste. The program also secures and delivers shelf-stable foods like beans, soups, cereals, and grains, as well as proteins like eggs and meat.

During the pandemic, the program was able to help the California Department of Social Services produce and deliver emergency food boxes to food banks, community organizations, and tribes across our state. The first boxes dropped soon after the initial shutdown order and in the nine months following, more than one-million boxes were delivered.

How it Works

Why Farm to Family Matters to Food Banks

Donate Food
We believe every family deserves safe, healthy, delicious food. So we’ve donated more than 400,000 lbs. of rice & quinoa products to food banks this year.
Lundberg Family Farms

Food Donors

Each year, farmers, packers, and distributors donate to the Farm to Family program. As one of the largest food recovery programs in the country, California’s agricultural community relies on Farm to Family to make sure excess produce doesn’t go to waste, and food banks rely on Farm to Family for their food distributions.

Meet Farm to Family sweet potato donor, AV Thomas
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