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Food Banks Respond to CA’s 2020-21 Fiscal Statement

May 8, 2020

Earlier today, the State released updated information about the financial health of California and the upcoming budget (FY20-21).

The fiscal update paints a sobering picture of the consequences resulting from COVID-19 on the economic fabric of California. Every day, our food banks witness the ramifications of this economic downturn, watching their lines grow longer. They see it in the masked faces of men and women who have lost their jobs and are seeking help with groceries for the first time.

We appreciate this new budget reality, and right now we need to reaffirm our commitment to supporting hungry Californias and make a greater investment in our emergency food network. Food is a fundamental right, the foundation of everything else. It’s fuel for learning, it’s energy to go back to work and reopen the economy, it’s what unites us as a California community, and it’s what keeps us healthy and out of our healthcare system.

In any crisis it’s food banks who stick around for years, not months, making sure people are fed, nourished, and able to rebuild. We are incredibly grateful for the State’s partnership during the pandemic. Their collaborations have been essential, and we only ask for continued support as food banks work tirelessly to meet California’s food needs.

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