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Statement: War & Hunger

三月 7, 2022

The weight of international conflict is heavy. In acknowledging the violence in Ukraine, we must also reflect on the vastly unjust treatment of non-white Ukrainian refugees, as well as the inequitable global response to current conflicts in Myanmar, Ethiopia, Yemen, and parts of the world where mostly BIPOC folks, rather than predominantly-white communities, are experiencing equally horrific violence and injustice.

It should not be overlooked that hunger is a weapon of war. Even if food is not intentionally withheld, human displacement and the destruction of crucial supply chains make hunger a prevalent side effect of conflict. One of many ripple effects of this latest conflict is that Russia and Ukraine supply about 30% of the world’s wheat (including 30% of the World Food Programme’s wheat), putting at risk the regular supply chain and humanitarian relief being supplied in many parts of the world.
Access to food is a fundamental human right.  

Thank you to our partners, advocates, member food banks, donors, and volunteers for the tireless, remarkable work that each of you do every day to fight for this reality in your communities.

California Association of Food Banks is dedicated to serving populations in our state. If you are interested in donating to support food security in Ukraine and other regions experiencing conflict, please consider giving to the United Nations World Food Programme.



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