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Farm to Family Donor FAQ


10% Tax Credit

California growers donating California-grown fresh fruits or fresh vegetables to a California food bank are eligible for the 10% tax credit. The law defines an eligible grower as the person responsible for planting, managing, and harvesting the donated crop. Note that a tax credit is different than a deduction and results in greater savings to the grower than a deduction of equal amount. (See our “Fact Sheet: 10% Tax Credit for Produce Donations.”)*

Sample Calculation

A farmer donates 40,000 pounds of produce to a California Food Bank.

The inventoried value is $0.04 per pound or $1,600. 

The donation tax credit would be 10% of $1,600 for a total of $160.

*It is the Donor’s responsibility to determine the inventoried value of their product as defined in Section 263A of the Internal Revenue Code. Please note that CAFB is not in a position to offer or provide tax consultation; please contact your own tax professional.

For a quick overview, please see our Farm to Family brochure.

How does the program work?
Whether you need your product moved tomorrow or later in the season, contact us anytime. We’ll quickly find a food bank in our network of over 40 food banks that is ready to accept the load. Then we choose a reliable trucker and arrange the pick-up and delivery times.

How much produce can Farm to Family accept? Are there any loads you won’t accept?
Our program can take any sized donation, from a single pallet to multiple truckloads. Your donation needs to have a shelf life of at least 4-5 days.

Can I be reimbursed for special harvesting and packaging costs?
The very best way you can make a difference is to offer a straight donation of your crops. However, we recognize that certain crops have special requirements for picking and packing. Depending upon the requirements of preparing your type of crop for transport, we can work with you to cover your pick-and-pack-out costs. We’ll negotiate a fair per-pound rate, then reimburse you promptly after receiving your donation and invoice.

How does Farm to Family benefit farmers locally?
You’ll be assigned one of our food solicitors who lives in and knows about your own agricultural region. Any surplus you donate will automatically be offered to your local food bank first, which enables you to give back to your community and can generate positive publicity for your business.

How is Farm to Family funded?
Farm to Family is a self-supporting program that does not rely on government funds or private contributions (we receive some grant funding from foundations). CAFB member food banks collectively support the program and provide funding for donated produce to help cover shipping and administrative costs.



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