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SAWS stands for the Statewide Automated Welfare System. For many decades, California counties have used one of three different technology software systems for eligibility determination and benefits calculation, CalWIN, C-IV, and LRS. The SAWS systems include a number of ancillary services, such as document imaging, online public portals, and contact center software that connect with each county’s SAWS system. 在CalSAWS Project网站上找到更多信息。

California counties worked in partnership with State Health and Human Services departments and the federal government to consolidate the existing three consortia systems and functionality into one single system: California Statewide Automated Welfare System (CalSAWS). This consolidation heavily leveraged existing investments in technology rather than building a new system. (根据“ SAWS利益相关方参与”登录页面。) As of October 31, 2023, all 58 counties are using CalSAWS and the public-facing BenefitsCal 网站。

More information is available in this blog post from our partner, Western Center on Law and Poverty.

Our Priorities

The Advocates group established our initial priorities in 2018, focusing on consumer needs and the role of Community-Based Organizations (CBOs) as benefits assisters in the social services ecosystem. 

Over time, our priorities have remained focused on the needs of consumers and CBO assisters. One of the main focus areas has been the development of the public-facing website, BenefitsCal, which serves as the primary portal for consumer and CBO engagement. Priorities in this area have centered around equity for historically marginalized groups in the development of technology, reducing the burden for clients to submit information.


Mission Statement: We are advocates and entities who envision a CalSAWS development and implementation that (1) maximizes ease of use for program applicants and beneficiaries, community-based organizations, and eligibility workers, (2) protects consumer rights; and (3) promotes continuous program improvement.

The California Association of Food Banks co-leads the CalSAWS Advocates Group, which meets regularly to develop recommendations and strategies for the various forums that support advocate engagement in the SAWS Migration and implementation, including:


Migration to BenefitsCal Timeline

Every county in California has transitioned to BenefitsCal.

*Looking Ahead

Interested in applying for CalFresh, Medical, and more? Visit BenefitsCal.

Interested in learning more or getting involved?: 

Request to be added to the Advocates group, the User Center Design list, and/or the CalSAWS stakeholder meeting list.

订阅 to CalSAWS project updates, including updates about BenefitsCal. 

Contact gabriela.davidson@cafoodbanks.org  if you have any questions.

Resources for Advocates

Check out these resources below for more information on BenefitsCal and CalSAWS

Calls to Action

Find out how you can help advocate.

Do you have clients who do not use email who can participate in User-Centered Design conversations about the types of alternative account creation methods that might work for them on BenefitsCal?  Please email Jennifer@JennTracy.com to be connected to the User Design team.

Are you interested in joining the speaker’s bureau to provide public comment on your experience as a CBO using BenefitsCal at a CalSAWS meeting? 电子邮件  Jennifer@JennTracy.com 欲获得更多信息。

Advocacy Accomplishments

Our advocacy efforts have led to improvements for CBOs and clients alike.






Advocate Participating organizations

Thank you to all organizations who participate in advocacy!



All Home

AltaMed Health Services

Arroyo Vista Family Health Center

Asian Pacific Healthcare Venture

Asian Pacific Islander Forward Movement

Bartz Altadonna Community Health Center


Catholic Charities Diocese of Fresno

Catholic Charities of California

Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Stockton

Catholic Charities Orange County

Catholic Charities Yolo Solano

Catholic Charities, Dioces of San Diego

Coalition of California Welfare Rights Organization

Center for Healthy Communities



Chinatown Service Center

Clarity Solutions Group

Code for America

Communities Actively Living Independent and Free


Community Health Alliance of Pasadena

Community Health Councils, Inc


Community Resources for Independent Living

East Valley Community Health Center

Family Health Care Centers of Greater Los Angeles


Food Literacy Center

Food Bank of Contra Costa & Solano


Hunger Action Los Angeles



Independent Living Center of Southern California

JWCH (John Wesley Community Health) Institute

Kheir Clinic

Los Angeles LGBT Center


Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

Legal Services of Northern California


National Health Foundation (NHF)

Northeast Valley Health Corporation

Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles


Providence little company of Mary

Queenscare Health Centers

Redwood Coast Medical Services Healthcare


River City Food bank

Rolling Start INC

Sacramento Covered




San Francisco Marin Food Bank



Silicon Valley Independent Living Center

St. John’s Community Health

The Children’s Clinic Family Health

UC Berkeley Basic Needs Center

UC Irvine Basic Needs Center

Venice Family Clinic

Watts Healthcare Corporation


Worksite Wellness LA

Yolo County Children’s Alliance



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