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Why We Do It

We believe adequate nourishment is a human right, and that ending hunger in our state is both essential and possible. Every day, we work to make that right a reality for all Californians.

California produces nearly half of the nation’s fruits and vegetables — enough to feed us all — yet more than 20% of Californians face food insecurity on a daily basis — and this number doesn’t even tell the full story. Because of vast structural inequities, much greater levels of hunger are experienced by Black, Latine, and Multiracial Californians:

Food Insecurity in California Households by Race and Household Type; Summer 2023

Data are from the US Census Household Pulse Survey and averages of weeks 58-60 (June 7 – Aug 7, 2023). Analysis provided by Northwestern Institute for Policy Research. Graph is updated quarterly as data become available.

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