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California Food Banks Highlight the Harm of Public Charge over Public Comment Period

December 12, 2018

This week, the public comment period closed on the proposed public charge rule that would worsen hunger and hardship for low-income immigrant families, both nationally and here in California. The proposed rule would result in poorer, sicker and hungrier communities statewide by restricting access to SNAP and other public benefits that help low-income families meet basic needs like food, healthcare and housing.

In total, 210,889 comments were submitted in response to the proposed rule and California food banks worked tirelessly to amplify the harm that the proposed rule would have on the nutrition, health and economic security of our state’s low-income immigrant families, including their U.S. citizen children.

We are so grateful to the relentless efforts of our network to expose the harm of this proposed rule through comment collection, media and volunteer engagement efforts. We are also thankful for the continued leadership of our national partners and our local, state and federal elected officials. Your collective efforts were instrumental in pushing back against this harmful rule and helping to protect families from increased hunger.

Click here to read CAFB’s full comments on the proposed rule.

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