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Join CAFB for Hunger Action Day 2015!

May 12, 2015

Each May hundreds of anti-hunger advocates from across the state meet in Sacramento to educate their legislators about hunger and encourage their support for anti-hunger legislation. This year advocates from your community will be at the capitol on Wednesday, May 13, 2015. With more than 4 million California adults struggling with food insecurity it’s critical that these issues are addressed in 2015.

When is Hunger Action Day?

Hunger Action Day (HAD) 2015 will be on Wednesday, May 13 in Sacramento, CA.

Who is the California Hunger Action Coalition (CHAC)?

CHAC is a broad-based membership organization of volunteers united in the belief that access to adequate, nutritious and safe food is a fundamental human right.

Who can participate in Hunger Action Day?

Any individual or organization interested in supporting anti-hunger legislation and educating their legislators about hunger, food insecurity, and the related challenges and causes can participate in Hunger Action Day. If you are interested in participating please contact your respective CHAC representative listed to the left. Some financial assistance is available to cover the cost of participating.

What activities encompass Hunger Action Day?

Hunger Action Day most often begins with a morning rally on the capitol steps. Participants conduct visits with their representatives before gathering in the afternoon for lunch and additional group events. In the past events have included informational hearings, guest speakers, including elected officials and community members, and group demonstrations. The afternoon is spent visiting representatives.

Questions? Contact:

Frank Tamborello (Southern California) 213.388.8228 or frank@hungeractionla.org
Shanti Prasad (Northern/Central California) 510.635.3663 x307 or sprasad@accfb.org

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