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环境立法 SB 1383 设定了具有里程碑意义的全州食用食品回收要求。具体而言,该法律要求加利福尼亚州回收不少于20%的可食用食品,否则将在2025年前帮助人们食用。这是全州的目标,但是地方辖区(您所在的城市或县,取决于他们的做法)将得以实施计划实现目标。

新规定将于2022年1月1日生效。 完整的实施时间表在这里。  


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SB 1383

The state environmental legislation SB 1383 sets the landmark statewide waste reduction requirement to divert 20 percent of food from landfill to people by 2025. This is a statewide target, but local jurisdictions – your cities or county, depending on their approach – will implement plans to achieve the target. Learn from and share with other food banks about how to approach this initiative. Group meets every other month.
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