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CalFresh 和联邦政府关闭


November 17, 2023: Yesterday, the House and Senate passed, and President Biden signed, a laddered Continuing Resolution (H.R. 6363). This bill will continue funding some federal departments at current levels until January 19, and other departments until February 2nd. Although this ensures the federal government will not shut down today, Congress still must pass a full budget (or another Continuing Resolution) by January 19 to avoid a partial federal government shutdown and by February 2 to avoid a full government shutdown when this Continuing Resolution expires.

October 16, 2023: 今天, USDA confirmed SNAP (CalFresh) benefits will be issued as normal in November and December. Under the terms and conditions of the current Continuing Resolution, USDA is able to provide SNAP benefits as normal through the end of December 2023.

October 1, 2023: 昨天,众议院和参议院通过了 拜登总统签署45 天持续决议(H.R. 5860). 该法案将在 11 月 17 日之前继续以当前水平为政府提供资金,包括 SNAP、WIC、TEFAP 和 CSFP 等重要的反饥饿计划。尽管这确保了联邦政府今天不会关闭,但国会仍必须在 11 月 17 日之前通过完整的预算(或另一项持续决议),以避免联邦政府在该持续决议到期时关闭。 

September 20, 2023: CDSS 发布了 All County Welfare Directors Letter 指出即使联邦政府关闭,CDSS 也不需要提前发放 2023 年 10 月的 CalFresh 福利。 这封信确认,10 月份的 CalFresh 福利将在当月 1 日至 10 日照常发放,CalFresh 家庭不会受到干扰。 CDSS 将根据需要发布与未来任何可能的联邦政府关闭以及对 CalFresh 福利的影响相关的指导。

September 18, 2023: 美国农业部宣布立即改变其会计做法意思是 CDSS(和其他州)不需要发行 指出即使联邦政府关闭,CDSS 也不需要提前发放 2023 年 10 月的 CalFresh 福利。 CalFresh 接收者将在 10 月 1 日至 10 日之间的正常日期收到 CalFresh 发放。 

September 15, 2023: CDSS 发布了 All County Welfare Directors Letter,概述了在联邦政府关闭的情况下提前发放 2023 年 10 月 CalFresh 福利的应急计划。只有在国会无法在 9 月 20 日之前达成协议避免联邦政府关闭的情况下,该计划才会启动。如果未能达成协议,加州将在 9 月底提前发放 10 月份的 CalFresh 福利。如果该计划得到实施,我们将需要您的帮助向 CalFresh 家庭传达信息,但是 请等待我们了解更多信息。

2019 Shutdown: Resources & Info

Archive of updates from the government shutdown in 2019.

February 13, 2019 – CalFresh benefits for March will be issued on a single day, Friday, March 1, 2019, rather than the normal staggered issuance cycle of the first through the tenth of the month. This change will mitigate the effects of the early issuance of February benefits and the resulting gap in food assistance. Counties shall continue all other CalFresh operations as usual. The full notice from CDSS is available 这里.

January 25, 2019 – The government has been funded through February 15. If there is no deal at that point, the government could shut down again. If there is another shutdown, USDA could fund SNAP/CalFresh benefits for March and April, as long as April benefits go out by March 15 (30 days after February 15). 

Facts about SNAP (CalFresh) After the Shutdown (英语 / 西班牙文)

We also encourage you to continue to check the FNS website for the most up-to-date information.


The Continuing Resolution that was funding USDA and nutrition programs including SNAP/CalFresh expired on December 21. USDA has not received appropriations to fund SNAP/CalFresh past January 20 and has instructed states to issue benefits early – no later than January 20. After January 20 there are USDA SNAP contingency funds that will be available until they run out.

CDSS’ plan to issue February CalFresh benefits early.






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