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13 Reasons Why Cutting SNAP in the Farm Bill is Bad Luck

April 13, 2018

13) Every billion in SNAP benefits generates as many as 14,000 jobs in states like California

12) SNAP lifted 810,000 Californians out of poverty in 2017

11) Food banks already do not meet the need for food in California; cutting SNAP only makes it harder

10) 35% of California SNAP households include a person with a disability

9) 82% of California SNAP households include someone who is employed

8) 65% of California SNAP Households have at least one child

7) SNAP works by giving a helping hand when people need it most. The average new household stays on SNAP for less than a year, and most leave the program within two years

6) SNAP created over $11 billion in economic activity in the state of California

5) SNAP keeps people healthy and ensures health care costs stay low

4) People on food stamps are not trying to take advantage of the system. They are trying to survive

3) Hungry kids don’t do well in school

2) The Farm Bill has a tradition of being a bipartisan piece of legislation that shows how people can work together to address hunger

1) Because no one in America should have to worry about where their next meal is coming from

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