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A Fruitful Farm to Food Bank Celebration

September 21, 2017

Let’s hear it for hand fruit! Our Farm to Family partners—Wonderful Citrus, Rivermaid, and Venida—are going above and beyond their usual generosity to donate fresh produce to California food banks in celebration of Farm to Food Bank Day on September 29.

Wonderful Citrus is the largest fresh citrus grower in the western United States. Last year they donated 6.6 million pounds of oranges to our food banks through the Farm to Family program. Over the years they have donated 17.2 million pounds of fresh produce to food banks.

Rivermaid Trading Company is grower owned and operated. The organization grows 50% of the pears in California. They donated 2.1 million pounds of pears last year, for a total of 14.5 million pounds of food to California food banks over the last several years.

Venida Packing Company is one of the largest plum growers in North America. They donated 4.8 million pounds of plums last year for a total of 22.4 million pounds during their relationship with CAFB.

Each of these outstanding donors plans to send a full truckload of easy-to-distribute and eat fruit to Second Harvest Food Bank of Orange County for Farm to Food Bank Day. We appreciate their kindness for this event and all year long.

Written by Micheline Proctor, CAFB Programs and Operations Associate

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