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AB 614 (Eggman) and AB 1377 (Wicks) Awaiting Gov. Newsom’s Signature

September 13, 2019

Thanks to your tireless advocacy, AB 614 (Eggman) and AB 1377 (Wicks) have made it through the legislature, and are awaiting Governor Newsom’s signature! This is the last step in ensuring these bills become a reality. Help us in asking Governor Newsom to sign these critical nutrition bills.

Why AB 614 Matters:
This will increase donations of healthy foods to food banks, reduce food waste, and support California farmers. Right now, the state tax credit for donations to food banks only applies to fresh fruits and vegetables. AB 614 will allow grocery staples such as grains, meat, dairy, and infant formula to receive that same 15% wholesale tax credit.

Engage farmers, packers, and food system allies in asking the Governor to sign this bill. It has benefits that are far-reaching and impactful for all Californians.

Why AB 1377 Matters:
This will help enroll the 600,000 California kids who receive a free or reduced price school meal, but aren’t enrolled in CalFresh, stay nourished throughout the entire day. It would bring together stakeholders to develop a statewide process to bridge the differences in data, policy, and privacy across the school meals, CalFresh, and Medi-Cal programs, in order to accelerate enrollment of children and families into CalFresh.

Help make sure these bills cross the finish line:

Submit a letter of support to Governor Newsom. (Instructions in document.)


Elevate these bills on social media.

Additionally, if your food bank, organization, board, or partners are able to make contact with the Governor or other top officials, please contact Andrew Cheyne, Director of Government Affairs.

If you have any questions, reach out to Andrew Cheyne, Director of Government Affairs, (andrew@cafoodbanks.org) or Becky Gershon, Advocacy Manager, (becky@cafoodbanks.org).

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