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ACCFB Executive Director Suzan Bateson Honored for Excellence in Leadership

October 26, 2020

We send a warm congratulations to Suzan Bateson, Executive Director of Alameda County Community Food Bank (ACCFB) for being acknowledged by Feeding America for excellence in leadership.

Feeding America, a national network of over 200 food banks and 60,000 partner agencies, awards the John van Hengel Fellowship to food bank executives who have distinguished themselves through their commitment to the food security sector. We’re honored to have Suzan as an active member of our association and passionate member of our Board.

“Suzan consistently goes above and beyond for us individually, for CA Food Banks, and for the hungry neighbors throughout our community. From offering up meeting space to allowing us to use her warehouse for photo ops to her leadership on our board of directors to opening up her donor list and facilitating connections, she always answers any request with a yes. However, it’s those unsolicited short yet regular emails of encouragement, thanks, and praise that keep us going. She’s an invaluable mentor and resource,” said Lauren Lathan Reid, our director of communications.

We’ve been inspired by Suzan’s commitment, brilliance, and compassion since 2001, when she took up the job of Executive Director at ACCFB. In a time of unprecedented difficulty, we’re so happy to be in community with such wonderful and committed leaders. Congratulations Suzan!

Image sourced from accfb.org

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