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CalFresh Outreach: The Numbers Are In

November 30, 2018

We are proud to share that our network of 50 CalFresh outreach partners assisted more than 25,000 households with CalFresh applications this past year. Over the last year, this group of dedicated and compassionate “CalFreshies” helped more than 14,000 households across the state get approved for CalFresh. Thousands of these households include some of the most vulnerable populations, including children and seniors.

If you provide CalFresh outreach assistance and are not yet subscribed to the monthly CalFresh newsletter, subscribe here. The CalFresh Outreach team will provide monthly program and policy updates, training tips, and highlights across our network of CalFresh organizations.

For those in our network, the new contract for FFY 18-19 is with the state for countersignature, and MOUs will be sent out to all partners once it’s been signed. As a reminder, the contract is backdated to October 1 and there should be no disruption to your workflows.


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