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Campbell’s: More Nutritious and Affordable than Ever

April 2, 2018

Nothing is better when it is cold and wet outside like a bowl of warm soup. Our friends at Campbell Food Service understand this and are changing their products, making them more nutritious and accessible to all. Campbell put together an exceptional 2018 pricing list that is now available for CAFB members. Prices on easy-open, single-serving meals, are even lower than last year.

The spirit of considering the customer first is not new for Campbell. The company stands by their guiding principle that they are making “Real food that matters for life’s moments.” They focus on three main questions when making choices for the future of their products: Are the ingredients of a grade we would serve at our own table? Does the combination appeal to our own sense of smell and taste? Is the price within reach of most pocketbooks?

With their customers in mind, Campbell changed their packaging so that they are no longer using BPA (Bisphenol A) in the lining of their cans. You can find out more about Campbell’s can liners in the video below.

Campbell also made shifts in the ingredients in their products, removing all artificial colors and flavors from their products in North America by 2018. They are now striving to eliminate MSG and high fructose corn syrup from their products. Campbell is replacing these elements with ingredients that customers recognize and are excited to serve their families. To learn more, view the video below from the Campbell website.

CAFB is excited to have a strong partnership with a company that prioritizes the health and well-being of their customers. If you would like more information about CAFB’s partnership with Campbell and the products Farm to Family has available, please contact Charisse Ross or Roop Soorma.

Photo courtesy of Campbell Soup Company

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