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Facebook Live Streaming Hunger Action Day

May 21, 2017

Is your food bank or agency participating in Hunger Action Day? We’ll be streaming the event LIVE on our Facebook page.

What is Hunger Action Day? Each May, anti-hunger advocates from all over the state meet in Sacramento to educate their legislators about hunger and support anti-hunger legislation. Advocates, soup kitchen volunteers, nutritionists, food bank supporters, and others concerned about the millions of Californians experiencing hunger travel by bus, car, and plane each year to participate in this important event.

Hunger Action Day most often begins with a morning rally on the capitol steps. Participants conduct visits with their representatives before gathering in the afternoon for lunch and additional group events. In the past events have included informational hearings, guest speakers, including elected officials and community members, and group demonstrations. The afternoon is spent visiting representatives. You can find this year’s policy agenda here.

Please share our coverage of the event so your constituents can see us in action. We’re sending the message to our elected officials that their constituents are watching their actions on hunger.

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