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Farm to Family in Review

December 27, 2018

This has been a big year for the Farm to Family program, as we are on track to close with 165 million pounds of produce transported from farms to food banks. We’ve created relationships with six new produce vendors. now working with 216 vendors we are distributing 47 different types of produce to our 41 food banks throughout the state.
This past year has also been a year of exponential growth in our non-produce program. We are pleased to have added new partners this year as well, including CIS, CA Food Trading, McKee Foods, JA Food Service, McLane Global Hunger Solutions, Pacific Agri-Products, Jaco Commodities, Gulf Pacific Rice Co, Diversified Foods, and Select Harvest. These new vendors have allowed us to offer new products like protein-rich almonds and CA-produced peanut butter for the first time, as well as given our food banks additional options on staples including rice, beans, and shelf-stable milk. In total, we moved 6 million pounds of non-produce!
We are very grateful for the continued support of everyone in our network and look forward to continuing our work in the new year!

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