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Farm to Family’s Offerings Give a Taste of Summer Bounty

May 23, 2018

Is it the dawning of the age of asparagus? It is in Farm to Family. Staff acquired two new donors who have sent multiple truckloads of asparagus to our food banks. Stock up now while we have supply available!

The California onion crop is in full swing, and with it great prices for food banks. In the coming weeks, we hope to add bell peppers, cantaloupes, honeydews, stone fruit, tomatoes, and watermelons to our offerings.

F2F continues to prospect new donors for shelf-stable and protein that meet the CalFood Fund requirements. New products that take advantage of CalFood funds include:

  • Ground chicken in 1 pound chubs
  • Long grain rice in 1 pound bags
  • Oatmeal cups
  • Chili bowls
  • Frozen burritos
  • Boxed Mac and Cheese
  • Canned fruits and vegetables

F2F is preparing for the holiday season by taking orders for turkeys and chickens.  It’s not too late to get your requests into us.

Contact Steve Linkhart (stevelinkhart@cafoodbanks.org) or Charisse Ross (charisse@cafoodbanks.org) if you have interest in any of the products mentioned above.

(Photo by Guy Lunardi/Flickr Creative Commons)

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