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House Adopts Budget Resolution Paving the Way for Tax Legislation

October 26, 2017

Today, the House adopted their budget resolution with a vote of 216 to 212 with all Democrats and 20 Republicans voting against the measure. Click here to view the vote roll call.

While the resolution does not include reconciliation cuts to agriculture, protecting farm and nutrition programs in the short term, this budget reflects the desire of the majority to pass 1.5 trillion dollars in tax cuts for those at the very top by forcing cuts to safety net programs like SNAP, healthcare, and other core programs that serve our most vulnerable down the road.

House Republicans have announced that they intend to unveil their tax legislation on November 1 to tax-writing committees. One of the key challenges for those in the majority will be to figure out how to offset the cost of the $1.5 trillion in deficit-financed tax cuts over ten years as prescribed by the budget resolution. SNAP and other critical safety net programs will likely be targets for cuts—a move that will only serve to worsen hunger and poverty for working families statewide if these cuts are enacted.  

You can find more materials on our Federal Resource page and Hunger Net here

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