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House Budget Resolution Makes Deep Cuts to California’s Safety Net

July 20, 2017

Yesterday, the House Budget Committee marked up their FY 18 House Budget Resolution. The “Building a Better America” budget plan takes particular aim at programs that serve low-income families, children and seniors—calling for more than $200 billion in cuts to mandatory (entitlement) programs over ten years. The blue print directs at least $10 billion in cuts to the House Agriculture Committee over a decade and contains reconciliation instructions to set up a fast track process to implement deep cuts to SNAP and other core programs that serve low-income communities.

Overall, the resolution calls for over $4.4 trillion in cuts to entitlement programs over the next ten years including large reductions to healthcare—cutting Medicaid and Medicare by $1.5 trillion and $487 billion, respectively. Income assistance programs like SSI which provides a very basic income for people with disabilities and seniors and the Earned Income Tax Credit are likely to see deep cuts as well, making it harder for the more than 4.5 million food insecure Californians to afford food and reduces the likelihood of lifting themselves out of poverty.

Besides cuts to mandatory spending, the budget plan also calls for $1.3 trillion in cuts to non-defense discretionary (NDD) programs which fund a broad range of priorities and programs including some low-income assistance, education, infrastructure, transportation and basic public services like Meals on Wheels.

The budget resolution was voted out of committee yesterday evening on a party-line vote. While it is still not confirmed, the resolution could come to the floor as early as next week and it is possible that the resolution might not be voted on until after the August recess. Regardless of the timing, this is a key opportunity to work with every Member of Congress to oppose any action that harms SNAP and the safety net and lifts up the harmful impacts this budget would have on working families, children and seniors.

Building a better America requires continued investment in our most vulnerable by ensuring access to basic needs like food, education, healthcare and housing. The enormity of the cuts contained in the House budget proposal will only serve to deepen poverty and increase hunger for working families, children and seniors by asking them to bear the burden of this harmful budget.

Please, help us take action to defend SNAP & the nutrition programs:

–          Join us on Wednesday July 26th at 1pm for a member webinar on the House budget and August recess.

–          Plan August Recess activities with your member of Congress with Feeding America’s August Recess Toolkit  and FRAC’s guide to Engaging Your Members

–          Draft a SNAP support letter with your local elected officials using CAFB’s model template

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