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Hunger is a Racial Justice Issue

June 4, 2020

Like so many, we are sad and angry at the ongoing injustices experienced by the Black community in this country. We mourn the lives lost at the hands of the police. And, we stand beside Black community members, colleagues, friends, and family to demand justice for George Floyd and the countless others.

We believe that access to food is a civil right. Food is fuel for learning and speaking out, medicine to build strength and power, and it’s how we celebrate and connect across cultures.  

As we witness the pervasiveness of food insecurity within Black communities, we see a symptom of something much deeper — of crippling hunger, of cyclical poverty, and of historical and systematized racism. To end hunger, we must end systemic racism.

Hunger is a racial justice issue. And, we recognize that our commitment to ending hunger also requires us to do proactive anti-racist work not only within our community but within our own organization. We promise to listen and learn, to reflect, and do the work necessary to be a true ally. We pledge to sustain our collective outrage at the abuse of Black people in America to fuel changes to policies and systems of injustice and oppression.

Black Lives Matter. 

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