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John Lennon ‘IMAGINE’ License Plate Program Launches

January 26, 2018

California Department of Motor Vehicles has commenced the pre-sale to put the iconic self-portrait image of John Lennon on California license plates to help fund the state’s food banks. The special license plate, available for pre-order now at www.CaliforniaImagine.com, features the John Lennon self-portrait image and the slogan, “IMAGINE no hunger”

Proceeds from sales will be administered by the California Department of Social Services and distributed to the California Association of Food Banks to be utilized throughout the state of California for food bank programs. The John Lennon self-portrait image provides a powerful symbol of his humanitarian legacy, raising awareness to the need to address hunger in our state and providing an image that will promote significant funding to help end hunger in California.

The Imagine license plate launch brings together CDSS with its longtime hunger-fighting ally, CAFB, a membership organization representing 41 food banks throughout the state that collectively provides food to 6,000 community-based organizations and to 2 million Californians in need. “Each license plate is another reminder that food insecurity is an everyday challenge for children and families across our state,” says Todd Bland, Deputy Director of the Family Engagement and Empowerment Division with the California Department of Social Services (www.cdss.ca.gov). “This new license plate option allows people to financially support a supply of healthy food for hungry Californians.”   

“We are thrilled with this opportunity,” said Sue Sigler, Executive Director of California Association of Food Banks (www.cafoodbanks.org). “The Imagine license plate offers an opportunity for Californians to say ‘hit the road’ to hunger in our state.”

The Department of Motor Vehicles will begin the process of creating the program to issue the ‘Imagine No Hunger’ license plates upon receipt of 7,500 pre-paid applications. “Every person driving behind someone with an Imagine license plate will know that person is leading the way to a California absent from hunger,” states Mark Lowry, Director, CAPOC’s Orange County Food Bank (www.capoc.org).

“These Imagine license plates will bring vital awareness to a critical problem in our state and will raise funds to provide nutritious food for those in our community facing food insecurity,” says Michael Flood, President and CEO of the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. (www.lafoodbank.org) “Everyone who purchases one of these plates will have committed to the fight against hunger in California.”

Yoko Ono Lennon has kindly authorized the use of the iconic self-portrait image to help the CAFB in their ongoing fight to end hunger in California. “Imagine is a great word to spread around and I was happy to do this because it is helping a very important charity.”

Visit www.CaliforniaImagine.com to pre-order the Imagine No Hunger license plate and help end hunger in California.

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