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Let’s Get CalFood Across the Finish Line!

June 12, 2017


This week the Legislature will vote to adopt a CalFood proposal that would provide $8M in 2017-18, and an on-going* $6M after that.
Starting now, we need to make sure that Governor Brown does not ‘blue pencil’ or use his line-item veto authority on CalFood, but instead supports the proposal.

Our goal with the Governor is to defend both the dollar amount and the on-going status of the proposal. 
We need a statewide message to the Administration to keep CalFood in the final budget – please activate your local networks for calls & social media, and higher level folks like leadership and board members if they can make direct contact to these key contacts:

  • Governor Brown
  • HHS Secretary Diana Dooley
  • CDFA Secretary Karen Ross
  • Natural Resources Secretary John Laird
  • OPR Chief Ken Alex
  • Other cabinet officials or anyone who may have the Governor’s ear

Please use the below sample tweets, and share them widely in your local networks! We need as many anti-hunger, agricultural, education, health and other voices to support this message. Please encourage your food bank’s constituents to spread the message on their social media accounts.
.@JerryBrownGov #CalFood uses only @cagrownofficial foods to feed the hungry, please support in the #CABudget! @agsecross @CAFarmBureau
.@JerryBrownGov we need #CalFood b/c food banks are the only place for food w no questions asked, crucial in this climate of fear #CABudget
.@JerryBrownGov we need to invest in #CalFood: 1/3 on #CalFresh still rely on food banks http://bit.ly/2slhrSv. @CHHSAgency @CaliforniaDSS
#CalFood is a wise investment @JerryBrownGov – access to healthy food can prevent costly #healthcare expenses @CHHSAgency
Food Banks make extraordinary use of state resources @JerryBrownGov: $6M in #CalFood means 30M meals across CA to #endhunger. #CABudget
#CalFood should be on-going in the #CABudget. Hunger is not a one-time crisis in CA with the nation’s highest poverty rate! @JerryBrownGov

Here are other means of contact:

Thank you for your support – we are almost there.

*On-going does not mean permanent but is an important step forward as one-time means the money is not to renew, while on-going means the money should be renewed, subject to the annual budget process.


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