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#MemberMonday: North State Food Bank

February 22, 2021

This week’s featured member is Community Action Agency of Butte County’s North State Food Bank!  The food bank is responsible for serving Butte, Colusa, Glenn, Plumas, Sierra, and Tehama counties. In order to succeed in serving such a large region, the North State Food Bank has a network of 50 agencies throughout their service area who partner with them in directly distributing the food they purchase and receive from generous donors.  Each member agency offers their own unique service, whether it be daily prepared meals, or a weekly food box distribution.

During 2020, North State Food Bank distributed almost 2 million pounds of food–or, more than 160,000 pounds of food a month. In addition to providing food, they also were very intentional with their State Coronavirus Relief Funds (CRF) to help low-income families impacted by the virus.  They chose to distribute 1,000 food-purchase-only gift cards (in $100 amounts) through partnering organizations: specifically, the local Head Start Preschool Program, Boys & Girls Club of the North Valley, and the African American Family Cultural Center, along with others, to ensure that the grocery gift cards provided the maximum benefit to families. 

Thank you [for the $100 gift card]. I’m raising my son’s kid right now. Thank you so much, it was very appreciated. That was awfully nice of you guys to think of the kids at Head Start.
Grandmother of a pre-schooler at Head Start

Besides the ongoing need for financial support, North State Food Bank is launching expanded opportunities for volunteers to support them during the ongoing hunger crisis. One way is through their new Pack-A-Meal project. This project depends on teams of volunteers to pack meals from bulk products, for inclusion in targeted food distributions. It’s a way to engage in (friendly) team competitions and more, while doing good.

Another way is through their new “food matching” program designed to match prepared-food donors with volunteers to pick-up and deliver to local programs serving people in need. This expands local efforts in an efficient way and multiplies their reach.

Thank you, North State Food Bank, for all that you do for the 6 counties you serve! We are grateful for your hard work in fighting hunger.

All photos and stories courtesy CAA Butte County.
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