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Sue Sigler and CAFB Honored by California Department of Food and Agriculture

May 11, 2017

It’s not often that California Association of Food Banks Executive Director, Sue Sigler, is caught off guard. At the 2017 CAFB Conference—Imagine, Feed, Lead— California Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross managed to do just that. Secretary Ross spoke at the opening plenary regarding the milestone of doubling the amount of fresh fruits and vegetables that farmers donated to food banks throughout the state, reaching 214 million pounds in 2016. As Secretary Ross brought her speech to a close, she asked Sue to return to the stage to receive a framed proclamation extolling that achievement.

The closing sentence read, “Proclaimed by California Agriculture Secretary Karen Ross that the California agricultural community honors the achievements, partnerships and leadership of Sue Sigler and the California Association of Food Banks on this day, Monday, May 1, 2017.”

The honor might have been a surprise to Sue, but not to anyone else in the room. Her guidance, knowledge, and dedication have helped elevate the work of food banks across the state in their shared goal of decreasing hunger. Congratulations, Sue!


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