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URoute: Spreading Information Faster Than Ever

August 29, 2018

Four months ago, the Farm to Family team implemented URoute as their Transportation Management System, and they are already seeing the benefits. By working closely with food bank staff throughout the setup and launch, F2F has made a few changes to improve the user experience and flow. URoute now allows food banks to upload PODs to all shipments they receive; additionally, pick-up location and commodity fields have been added to the dashboard. With the help of the food banks uploading PODs immediately to the specific shipments, F2F can close orders and send out invoices at a faster pace.

“I personally enjoy how easy it is to use,” says Brenda Nichols, Logistics Specialist at Second Harvest Food Bank of Santa Clara and San Mateo Counties. “It’s a very straightforward system that allows me to provide documentation sooner to our CAFB partners without the hassle of paperwork buildup. URoute also allows our team to monitor the status of our upcoming loads, and we are able to receive information quicker.”

URoute has provided F2F with new resources, including nine new carriers to the network since April 2018. This number will continue to grow and make the shipping process throughout the state simpler and more efficient.

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