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The Farm Bill

The Farm Bill is the leading legislative driver of our nation’s food and farming policy. The Farm Bill is reauthorized approximately every 5 years and sets food and agricultural policy that provides a safety net for our country’s agricultural producers and helps our low-income communities put food on the table.

Factsheet: How the Farm Bill Impacts Food Banks (September, 2018)

Factsheet: Who Receives SNAP in California (September, 2018)

Factsheet: SNAP Matters for California Children (October, 2018)

*For factsheet citations, visit our citations page

>> Click here for a link to congressional and county Farm Bill and SNAP factsheets

Voices of SNAP:

Storytelling and communications are a core part of our advocacy efforts at the California association of Food Banks. Visit our Voices of SNAP page for videos that illustrate the value of the federal nutrition safety net to California, and learn how you can share your story, too. 

Organize a site visit:

Site vists to local food banks and food patries are a great way to communicate about the imoprtance of SNAP with your elected representatives, and local media outlets. Take a look at these helpful resources:


The California Farm Bureau Federation has also indicated their interest in organizing a Farm to Food Bank tour with a member of Congress to highlight the value of the food system and the collaborations between food banks and farmers around the state. If you’re interested in organizing a Farm to Food Bank Tour with your local Farm Bureau, please let Rachel Tucker know. If you already have some events in the works, please let Rachel know any actions you’re planning and as always, don’t hesitate to contact her with any questions. 

Updates and Next Steps:


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