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Do Yono How Well Imagine Plates Are Selling?

April 20, 2018

Imagine No Hunger license plate sales are off and running. 343 orders are in after the official launch at a Fab Four Concert in Anaheim. A special note of appreciation goes to Orange County Food Bank’s Mark Lowry for pulling this event together with the city’s mayor. Read more about the evening of Beatlemania in this OC Register article.

Press coverage of the plate only spread from there. TV and radio in both the LA and the Bay Area have featured stories on the plate and CAFB’s mission to end hunger in California. Check out some of the coverage:




News for Chinese

Daily Democrat




CAFB and the creator of the plate, Michael Towner (information below), hosted an informational webinar on promoting plate sales. If you were unable to join the call, here are the top takeaways:

  • Postcards, wristbands, and more are available for your food bank. The print materials can be personalized to feature your food bank’s logo and name. If you have an empty bowls fundraiser coming up, Michael can also advise on how to sign people up during the event at an information table.
  • We are still in heavy PR mode. If you have media connections in your market that are looking for an uplifting story about music and fighting hunger, please get in touch with Michael. This webpage has all the media resources for you to use and customize.


Finally, Mark Lowry has challenged each CAFB member to order Imagine plates for their trucks. He has already done so for his. Who’s next up?

What is your food bank doing to promote our plate? Write to us and we’ll feature you in our next update.

Here’s how to get in touch with Michael:

Michael Towner
Imagine No Hunger Program Director
Tel: (424) 346-3467
Fax: (866) 932-9652
Email: ImagineNoHungerCA@gmail.com

(Also cc Daniela, daniela@cafoodbanks.org, on emails so she can offer support)

P.S. Need some inspiration? Here’s an idea of how much is raised with specialty plates:


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