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Information about CalFresh Replacement Benefits

October 19, 2017

CalFresh recipients who live in certain zip codes (see below) may have noticed additional funds on their EBT cards. Replacement benefits were automatically added to EBT cards on October 16th to help replenish food that was likely lost due to the fires. Please help spread the word so CalFresh recipients are aware of the additional benefits.

CalFresh recipients who experienced food loss and live in other zip codes are also eligible to have their benefits replaced; they should contact their county CalFresh office.

CalFresh recipients living in the following zip codes have received replacement benefits:


95452, 94515, 95492, 95442, 95403, 95406, 95439, 95409, and 95433


94581 and 94558


95424, 95443, and 95458


95469 and 95470


95946 and 95975


95918, 95922, 95962, 95972, and 95977


More zip codes may be added; we will update as more information is available.


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