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Edith Martinez

Edith Martinez, Senior Program Manager

Edith joined CAFB in 2016. As Programs Manager, she supports CAFB’s CalFresh outreach and application assistance network of over 50 community-based organizations with trainings, networking opportunities and programming to build capacity and strengthen their programs. She also works with state and national partners on administrative advocacy, and various workgroups and projects with the goal of improving access to food.

Prior to joining CAFB, Edith helped implement the outreach and education grant program for Covered California, the state health insurance marketplace out of the Affordable Care Act, with a focus on reaching Latinos and immigrant communities. She also started the first CalFresh outreach program and advocacy taskforce in Sacramento County.

She is an alumna of UC Davis and a bay area native. She was recently nationally recognized by FRAC as an advocate from the Latinx community helping to end hunger and poverty. She loves scuba diving and would love to witness the annual giant cuttlefish convening in South Australia.

Her favorite food? Ceviche with mango.

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