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Laurie Loftus Galvagna

Laurie Loftus Galvagna, Director of Development

Laurie joined CAFB in December 2019 to lead fund development strategy for organizational resilience and responsive programs. She honed her skills over 10+ years in her own consulting practice helping nonprofits and public agencies around the country clarify their sense of purpose, assess their needs, and design responsive programs. She has extensive experience working with safety net providers as well as supporting advocacy for systems change.

Laurie holds an advanced degree in Critical Theory from Carnegie Mellon University, and she grew up in a family of food-obsessed Italian-Americans with a gift for making delicious and soul-satisfying meals from practically nothing.

Her favorite food? It’s a memory: “Tomato Pie” (Utica-style) at her Uncle Pete’s kitchen table, sauce made with tomatoes from his garden; a hunk of provolone; a jam jar of his wine; and him across the table.

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