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Lisa Word

Lisa Word, Executive Assistant & Office Manager

Lisa Word joined CAFB in 2024 as an Executive Assistant/Office Manager, providing support to Stacia Levenfeld, Stacy Robson, and Kellie Longo Flores. Lisa brings with her extensive executive administration experience in the nonprofit sector, a strong office operations background, and a passion for health and wellness.

Previously, Lisa served the University of California, Davis Health, and the Bridgespan Group in an administrative role, focusing on promoting health and wellness programs such as virtual Yoga classes, Situational Awareness Training, an Introduction to Self-Defense, and Psychological First Aid Training for peer support.

An advocate for health and wellness, Lisa enjoys long walks, hiking, and camping in her free time.

Last summer, Lisa traveled to Yellowstone National Park in an RV van with a friend.

Lisa’s favorite food is sushi and anything spicy!

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