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CalFood Program

We need your help getting CalFood in the California State Budget. We’ve put together resources to make it easy for your food bank or agency to advocate for increased funding. Click here to view it.

Story Collection Effort

With the upcoming change in administration, we need our partners to ramp up their story collection efforts highlighting public nutrition programs like CalFresh, CalFoods, and child nutrition programs. We will need to show the positive impact these programs have on the overall wellbeing of our clients and the communities we serve. 

Please consider asking volunteers who may have direct experience with story collection: photography, documentary or journalism skills to help out in any way they can. Consider leveraging the holidays, as time when there are so many involved and interested in our work–this could be a client, advocate, donor or corporate partner. We need abundant community evolvement! 

Meanwhile, please contact your Representative and tell them you oppose any plan that dismantles our safety net like SNAP, Child Nutrition, and other vital programs that provide Americans opportunities to exit poverty. Share this request with your networks


Site Visits During the Holiday

Remember that House and Senate Recess is considered a “State/District Work Period” and it is a perfect opportunity to ask your representatives to have a site visit at your food bank. Send your Site Visit Requests along with the Candidate Briefing Book to both long standing representatives and newly elected representatives. It is imperative to foster strong relationships and a deep understanding of our many anti-hunger programs with our representatives–remember that you are the expert! 


On Going Advocacy

Whether you’re a food bank staffer, a concerned citizen, or a funder looking to support anti-hunger advocacy, you can help CAFB fight food insecurity and poverty in your community.

We understand that certain advocacy activities require more time and resources than others. When considering your options for taking action, it makes sense to choose activities that best match your capacity.  

If you’re ready to get involved in anti-hunger advocacy, here’s some good first steps toward engagement:


For those with bigger advocacy goals, please take a look at the activities outlined in CAFB’s Food Bank Guide to Policy Advocacy. Please contact Andrew in our Advocacy department with any questions you might have.

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