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Federal Policy Resource Page

Active Federal Administrative Proposals:


Standard Utility Allowence (SUA):

On October 3, 2019, The Trump Administration proposed a rule that would make families choose between putting food on the table and paying their utilities. The SUA public comment period will be open until December 2, 2019. Make a comment now.




Public Charge:

Update (10/22/19): Shortly before it was set to take effect on October 15th, five federal districts courts, sitting in California, Washington, Baltimore, Cook County, and New York City issued preliminary injunctions against the Trump Administration’s public charge rule, halting at least for now a rule that was widely expected to reduce access to public benefits for immigrant communities. You can read CAFB’s comment submitted in opposition to this proposal here.

As of today, the rules for public benefits and public charge have not changed – immigrant families should continue to apply for, and receive, assistance through public benefits without fear.

Resources & communications tools:




Public comment period on the Public Charge Rule is now closed – thanks to all who submitted an official comment, we collectively generated 200,000 comments throughout the country!



Additional Federal Administrative Proposals:


TEFAP (The Emergency Food Assistance Program):


The Farm Bill:

The Farm Bill is the leading legislative driver of our nation’s food and farming policy. The Farm Bill is reauthorized approximately every 5 years and sets food and agricultural policy that provides a safety net for our country’s agricultural producers and helps our low-income communities put food on the table. 

Visit our Farm Bill page here, and download congressional and county SNAP factsheets.



CAFB Public Statements:


Digital SNAP Advocacy Content:


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